I love Fall.

Fall has finally arrived in my neck of the woods.  The leaves are turning, the nights are cool, the air conditioning is off and I am putting up my Halloween decorations.  I have pulled out my sweats and moss green velour lounge pants.  I love those pants..they are just so soft and cozy.

With the change in season also comes the battle of the Semper Fi's.

When do we turn the heat on?

I will NOT be the weak sister who turns the heat on first.  No way. 

I have gone so far as to pile on so many layers of clothes that I resemble Ralphie's little brother from "A Christmas Story".  I am not a baker but come this time every year, I suddenly need to bake bread or brownies.  Baking means I get to turn the oven on.  Oven on=heat.

I have been known to stand by the dishwasher while it's running for warmth but I will NOT be that one who wimps out first.  Part of this insanity is that I like to have at least one electric bill not carrying a balance in the 100's or more but part of it is bragging rights.  I will win.  I will retain my crown of being the toughest one in the same house as a Marine. 

Frostbite be damned, I will dominate.

Who's up for brownies?

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