I forgot to ask Anita Renfroe if she had her jammies on....


Tonight, during the SpouseBuzz pajama party, we were delighted to have Mrs. Anita Renfroe on. In case you have not been able to listen or see Mrs. Renfroe, take a look.

She was really a delight to have on air. We were also very lucky to catch her at home, which I think is a rarity for this very busy lady. She is currently touring with The Women of Faith Conference, and independently.

Standing in front of 20,000 or so people and trying to funny, particularly when you are billed as a" Christian comedian " could be tough for most of us. But, Mrs. Renfroe makes it look effortless indeed.

Also of note Anita Renfroe's web pages,

schedulebooksvideo clipsIf you did not catch the show live, you missed out. Oh, and Mrs. Renfroe extended a special invitation to the military community, I am sure you will want to listen to it in the archives at SpouseBuzz Radio.

Mrs. Renfroe, thank you for making us laugh at our expanding waist lines, our clogged toilets, and chin hairs...

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