I could hear it in his voice


I called my husband the other night to tell him I'd be home later than expected.  He sounded tired, but "something else" was in his voice.  Then he told me one of the soldiers he served with in Iraq was killed in a training accident last Wednesday.

I was shocked and at a loss for words... for my own husband.  I didn't know what to say to him.  All I could say was "I'm sorry."

And I have been fighting the urge to call the soldier's wife since.  I'm trying to give her time.  And I think I need my own time to digest it all.  I didn't know the soldier real well, personally, but he was a soldier my husband always spoke highly of.  He was quite a jokester and I remember dancing and singing with him (and a group of others) at the military ball we attended before PCSing.  His wife was in the FRG and I spoke to her often while they were deployed.  She was a sweet, young wife, who always made me smile.  It hurts to think about it.  It's one of those "reality checks," I guess.

I ask your thoughts for Amy and the loss of her husband Scott.  God's speed.

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