Funny how things change after meeting one person


My girlfriend from "back home" called the other night, and reminded me, that our 20 year reunion is this coming summer. 

For those of you who do not think 20 years can sneak up on you...it will.  It does. 

The conversation with her led me to recall what I thought I would be doing 20 years ago. 

I grew up in a small town on the great plains.  In a working class blue collar home.  While growing up,  I had the plans of a girl that played with her Barbie dolls too much.  I would stay single, and become famous, or successful.  If I were lucky, both.  I would spend my time traveling for business which would either be as a female operative for some National agency, a fashion buyer for some very high end department store, or a back up vocalist. I would fly to destinations in my private pink jet.  I also had plans that I would not marry, I would not have children.  I also thought, I  would make my first million by the time I was 23. 

Funny how falling in love with one special person, can alter those plans from our youth...

The pink jet was traded in for a Ford Pick up, and a Harley.  The job as a female operative was traded in for a career in nursing, and a stay at home mother.  The million dollars, well lets just say, our check comes from the same place you get yours.

I am a blessed woman, and I love how everything is exactly how I would want it.....

Tonight, as I lie here in bed listening to the faint snores of my DH, I cannot imagine it ANY other way. 

I can't help but wonder what your plans were, and I was wondering if you might share them.

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