Brought to You By airforcewife Moments: When No One Believes What Really Happened


We have two bathrooms in our base housing unit - both of which are falling down around our ears like the rest of the house.

New Jersey is very humid, so the master bathroom, the only one with windows, often sits with its windows open to dry and air out as much as possible.  While our bathroom faces the backyard, and our backyard is fenced, people can still see into the window from the alley behind our house.  This can create a problem.

Like today, when I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  SOMEONE (decidedly not looking at AirForceGuy), I won't mention who, but SOMEONE (tapping toe) opened both windows fully without any warning.

And when I, as usual, waited until the last second to run full speed to the restroom because I was busily involved in something, I didn't notice that the windows were open.

So I sat.  And I noticed.  And I hoped things would go quickly and smoothly because it was too late to get up and close the darn windows.

Then the neighbor walked by.

And waved.

We move out in two weeks.  I can't wait.

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