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Since the subject of blogging has been a big focus around here lately, let me give you a little more to chew on.

First of all, nominations are now being accepted for the 2007 Weblog Awards. I shamelessly nominated SpouseBUZZ for Best Online Community because I believe it is, thanks to you. At least it is for military spouses. We ARE a community. If you're in agreement, we would appreciate it if you would hit the score button (+) to cast a vote. The awards will be presented at The Blog World Expo, where a few of the SpouseBUZZ authors and frequent commenter, Butterfly Wife, will be sitting on a panel to discuss military spouse blogging. If you're in the area, swing by and say hello.

Back to the Weblog Awards, notice the various categories. These competitions are always tricky because usually you find yourself in a category with your friends, and it doesn't feel right to ask for votes, but if you're interested, have some fun with it. New blogger? Nominate your blog for Best New Blog. You never know.... If nothing else, you may find some interesting blogs in the process, and you may pick up some new readers, too. If your blog is nominated and becomes a finalist, let us know.

Next, and this has nothing to do with military spouse issues, but I've noticed that the blogs of many journalists and television personalities are usually pretty dry. More often than not, they tend to use the blog as just an extension of their professional platforms (television, print, etc.) and we're treated to more reporting, only in a different setting. I've been watching this blog over the past few days, and have been pleasantly surprised to see Greta mix some personal blogging with real reporting, give her readers some inside info as to what happens behind the scenes of her show and even interact with her readers in her comment section. Pretty fascinating considering she's a well-known personality. I think she actually "gets it."

It's the weekend, and we're entitled to hop off the military spouse train occasionally. Do you read any blogs written by celebrities that you've found interesting (or not)? If so, share them with us.

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