Be a Coupon Queen: It Pays...

In the post below, AFWife_Niki mentioned that she went into two NY&C stores and the sales clerks were unaware of the 15% military discount.

New York & Company is one of my absolute favorite stores. Anytime I go into a mall with an NY&Co, it's usually my first stop. Well after reading the post you wrote about the store last year, I went to two NY&Co's back home in NJ and asked if they had a military discount. Both times the cashiers looked at me like I was crazy and asked what that was. I guess only NY&Co's near military installations offer discounts. It makes me sad but I'll still shop there! There isn't a NY&Co near my base though.

This probably happens all the time given turnover of employees and other factors. My advice to Niki was to press them on it if you know it's a stated, nationwide policy which, in this case, it is.

But, there's something else you can do. Go armed with a coupon.   

More coupons here. Bookmark the link and scan it before you go shopping. You never know what you might find.

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