Which is more difficult?


Sarah brought up an excellent thought here and it touches on many topics of the dual edge of the blade, ... for there truly are many more "views from the other side" of the looking glass.

Here's another "view" that struck me very recently ... and it had me thinking ...

What's more difficult -- being lonely over "there" waiting to come home to my wife or being lonely here, waiting for my wife to come home to me

Folks ... I like many of you, have that rather unique T-shirt.  And recently walking in the crisp Fall air with my girls here at home, waiting for The Boss to return, I began to think ... Over there, I wanted to come home; while here, I just want her to come home ... seems ...

... my heart feels the same way regardless.  Restless.

I'm "here" my wife is "there" and ... I just want to be with her.

O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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