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There is no need to lay around wishing that Army Wives was on television this Sunday night. We're bringing you the next best thing - our SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party. Our party will feature you as our guest. We'll be taking your phone calls and chatting about anything you want to talk about. Husband or wife deployed and you just want to vent? Have a question of the SpouseBUZZ authors? Have ideas you want to share? Just want to chat? Sunday night is your chance to do it.

As we mentioned a few days ago, we're giving this a dry run to see if it's something we want to continue. Thursday nights are all about topics, but on Sunday nights - anything goes. We may even have some off-the-wall, zany guests pop up occasionally. Guests who have absolutely nothing to do with military spouse topics, like the surprise guest who will join us Sunday evening. Not even the SpouseBUZZ authors know who she is. I'll give you a teaser though....

I've dispatched a special correspondent to mingle among the rich and famous. Our correspondent will be phoning in live from the MTV Video Music Awards to give us the backstage details. You won't want to miss this, trust me. I'm certain that we'll feel much better about ourselves when we hear Brittany showed up sans undies, or Madonna is kissing all the females in sight. I'm billing this as a confidence booster for military spouses. Now, it won't be a confidence booster for us if you forget about this party and don't show up because we're expecting to talk to you on Sunday. Be there! Don't disappoint, or we may have to ban you from future SpouseBUZZ events. Heh! Join us here Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT

Let me take care of some other radio business now, too.

Military spouses are often looking for ways to fill their time during a deployment. Volunteering is a great way to do just that, and there are tons of options. Listen to my 30 minute interview with Allison Barber, particularly the last couple of minutes, by clicking here. Find a way to help. Note: there are some scratchy noises in the first couple of minutes of the audio, but it goes away after that.

If a Freedom Walk is near you - go. You won't be sorry. We're approaching the anniversary of September 11 and this is a perfect way to honor the significance of September 11, 2001.

Finally, don't forget to join us tonight when we talk to Tanya Biank about Army Wives, the book and the television series. Join us by clicking here at 9:00 Eastern tonight.

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