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I wonder....

Chicago based Rock Band is shooting a music video about the stress of being a military family. (Think like "Army Wives" TV show)

Nice that they're looking for a "real" military family to star in this video, but I'm wondering what the final product will look like. I prefer the totality of our lives be on display. Warts and all. Sometimes people forget about the "and all" part which, in my opinion, does a disservice to the military community and hurts us more than it helps us. I hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those cases.

Let us know if you audition for this role. And if you become rich and famous, don't forget about us little people.

Pay attention to the disclaimer at the link above which reads, in part:

Use caution and common sense when replying to postings. Anyone can post a notice, so please use your best judgment to determine its legitimacy. Audition Notices cannot be verified as to accuracy, reliability, or truthfulness. If something doesn't sound legitimate, it probably isn't.

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