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Tonight, Dr. Roca from the Veterans Administration will join Guard Wife and I for a discussion re: reintegration for SpouseBuzz Talk Radio.  I am guessing most of us have been there and done that, now that 9-11 happened 6 years ago. 

However, the best thing about being surrounded by your peers, is finding out YOU ARE NOT ALONE.    The last time, I had scheduled Dr. Roca, I made a time error, so sadly he could not join us.  The good news, it gave Guard Wife and I some time to talk about our familes own growing pains during deployment.  And all of the feelings that come up right before a reunion.  You can listen to that show in the SpouseBuzz Talk Radio archives HERE. 

I learned that although I am so proud of my Husband, and the United States mission in Iraq, that being resentful is not abnormal.  Feeling like EVERYTHING should be perfect for a homecoming, is normal. 

Anxiety about reintegrating your Husband or Wife who has been absent is NORMAL. 

Will they return, "the same person"?  Will he or she accept, the new you? 

Because deployments can be long, and many of us use them as opportunities to grow, learn and change we are scared not to change too much. 

I felt like I was the only one. 

During tonight's discussion with Dr. Roca, will include common mil-spouse concerns.  Also Dr. Roca will give us some insightful information to what our spouses are concerned with upon coming home to us.  Which is a fantastic added bonus. 

Dr. Roca will also be telling us about his recent program at the Veterans Administration, called Life Guard.  Which is a Veterans outreach program, he has founded. 

It is sure to be an interesting program. 

Also please join us in the SPOUSE BUZZ CHAT ROOM!!

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