No Wardrobe Malfunction Allowed


I admit to going through a dozen wardrobe changes each time my husband comes home from a deployment or long TDY assignment. I'm always trying to figure it out. Sexy, casual, chic, pulled-together-smart, natural or all of the above? I want to get that wow factor just right. Truth be told, my husband would be thrilled to see me even if I were wearing stretch pants, no make-up and a ball cap, but that doesn't stop me from obsessing over what to wear. I do it every single time.

Have an upcoming reunion and need a little help?

I've never watched the TLC show, What Not to Wear, and know nothing about it. Having said that, I read about an upcoming military show they have in the works via Operation Marriage. It appears this show will be Ft. Bragg specific.

I couldn't find the Military Homecoming info above on TLC's site, so the deadline may have passed, but I did find information on a reunion episode. It would seem to me that this too would be perfect for a redeployment reunion for those of you who may be interested.

Reunite!What Not to Wear wants to reunite you with someone important in your life.  Nominate yourself and tell us who you are, where you live, and about the other person.  Why do you want to reunite with this person?  How long since you've seen them? Why do you want a makeover before you see them again? Please make sure you tell us:  your location, ages, sizes, and complete contact information.E-mail reunioncasting@bbcnyproduction.com.

Let us know if you apply and are selected. We'll be sure to tune-in.

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