My routine has been compromised...


...by my husband!!!

My husband was gone for the summer and I took on all of the responsibilities around the house - including yard work.  My husband gave me "permission" to hire someone else to do the yard, but now that I have a "new appreciation" for yard work, I was determined to do it myself.  So I did.  HA!  Then he came home and messed up my routine... the NERVE!

Last weekend I did my normal Saturday morning routine - get up, get coffee, feed kids breakfast, do 8 million things around the house.  Then my brain finally decided to get into "yard work" gear and when that happens, LOOK OUT!  There's no stoppin' me until it's ALL done (except for the interruptions by the kids every 5 seconds, which is just par for the course).

So it's 1pm and I am ready to get to work.  DH has been lying around the living room all day and I tell him,

"Honey, it's time to mow the yard.  Let's go."

DH: Now?

Me: Uh, yeah.  It's 1:00.  By the time we get it all done I'll have to make dinner.  So let's go.  (Then I stomp my butt out to the garage with an unnecessary slam of the door behind me.  Yep, that'll teach him!).

DH eventually comes outside and grabs the weed-eater.  Ummmm, first mow, THEN weed-eat what ya can't get with the mower.  At least, that's MY way of doing it.  It's how I've been doing it ALL SUMMER!!!  But, no.  DH has to really screw up my yard routine and weed-eat first.  The NERVE!!!  So I continue to mumble under my breath and do "other yard stuff."  Once he's done weed-eating the front yard, out I come on the riding mower. 

So I'm mowing the front yard and at one point I look over on the porch at DH - big glass of something cold in his hand (yeah, I'm thirsty too!) and next thing I know he salutes me!!!

Ah, yes!  He knows who's REALLY in charge around here!  At least, that's how I interpreted the salute... for all I know he could've been making fun of me.  But, MY interpretation is better, just like MY yard routine!

P.S. I really am happy that DH is home, I swear.  But readjusting even the slightest things can be a real headache at first... but I usually get over it.

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