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Let me set the scenario that led to my very rude response to a phone call:

1. Papa Bear is TDY (of course)2. Goober (7) is whining because of a broken arm - which Papa Bear broke while practicing soccer and then went TDY!3. Bud is sitting with his leg up - it is incredibly swollen and hurts like the dickens when it rains - which it's been doing since Papa Bear went TDY.  He's still recovering from this summer's limb lengthening surgery.4. Bubba is practicing the 4 notes he knows on his sax. ('Nuf said on THAT note!)

Note: I don't blame any of the kids for the above - or Papa Bear for being TDY!

Enter the Army recruiter!

Yeah, the Army recruiting center called because they needed to talk to Papa Bear on a 'matter of urgency'!

All I could say was - "He's Active Duty Air Force - do you still need to talk to him?"  What I wanted to say was - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Note: I don't blame the Army Recruiter either - just doing his job.  But, really, can't they get a list of those of us already signed up!

Long spouse day - burnt dinner, which was frozen lasagna - thank heavens you can take off the top layer!  We're all going to bed early tonight.

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