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Last night, we talked with Tanya Biank on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. We discussed Army Wives, both the book and the television series that was inspired by her book. It was a very interesting conversation and we learned a lot. One of the things we learned is that Tanya, who is a consultant to the show, cringed right along with us on those few occasions when the television show took a steep dive off a cliff and really messed up a scene or some dialogue.

Remember the line that Pamela uttered to the chaplain in the first episode? "Soldiers don't like their wives to work." Yeah, many of us were stunned by that line. So was Tanya. But she's a consultant on the show, why did she let that happen? She tells us why, and explains her role as consultant.

Click here to listen to the show.

We're going to have Tanya back in the future because there was so much we didn't get to last night that we still want to talk to her about.

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