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You get a call one night from your deployed husband. He tells you to sit down and take a deep breath. You know he's alive, so you wonder what this is all about. Was a friend injured or killed? Was your husband injured, but still able to speak?

No. None of the above.

Click here to find out what Lily Corrales' husband had to tell her.

Lily Corrales contacted SpouseBUZZ a few weeks ago. I read her story and ran it by the rest of the SpouseBUZZ authors. We agreed that this is an issue of importance to the military spouse community. I refer to this as "Lily's story" because Lily is one of us, and military spouse issues are what we focus on at SpouseBUZZ. Lily's story is one that we need to hear. I pray none of us ever find ourselves in the position Lily is now in, but if we do...then what?

Several of the SpouseBUZZ authors commented that if their spouse was accused -- or charged -- with a crime in a combat zone, they would fight like hell to clear his name. I'm willing to bet you would do the same for your spouse. That's exactly what Lily Corrales is doing.

Tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. EDT, Lily Corrales will be our guest on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. I don't anticipate this will be a fun show. SFC Corrales stands accused of murder. He is innocent until proven guilty. That's how the system works. We will not, in any way, get into the legal issues surrounding this case. What we plan to do is to discuss the devastating effects that something like this has on a spouse, and a family. The toll is enormous. There are financial considerations. There are emotional considerations. A career is at stake. Freedom is at stake. A family hangs in the balance.

Join us tomorrow night for this very somber edition of SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio.

You can call during the show and ask your questions of Lily. The dial-in number is 646.478.5665, but please note that SFC Corrales faces serious charges. Lily will not be answering any questions that touch upon the legal merits of the case against her husband.

The chat room will also be open, so join us there and chat while you listen.

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