I left the house yesterday, with a list of errands a mile long.  Most of those errands requiring that money be spent at the rate of water coming out of a faucet.

On my list were "long pants" for my 4 year old daughter, who has outgrown all of her jeans and pants from last fall.  I needed a new pair of cross trainers, my current pair being almost 2 years old. 

So while running errands we found ourselves by Goody's.  I have never shopped at a Goody's NEVER.  But figured a quick stop there could certainly not hurt things. 

I did find a very reasonable priced pair of jeans for my daughter (the adjustable band on the inside type! Added bonus.)  I also found a new pair of New Balance cross trainers! 

The bonus.  When I got to the register to pay there was a sign that said.  An EXTRA 15% off to those with military identification!! 

I had no idea. 

Thank you to Goody's for remembering military personal, and families.  I love when that happens!

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