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Last night I was in the SpouseBuzz chat room and had the opportunity to "meet" two faithful SB readers.  As we were chatting the subject of "pay" came up.  Just to clarify, the authors of SB don't get paid in monetary funds, American or otherwise.  We are all volunteers who do our darndest to entertain you, share our experiences, link to resources, and most of all, we learn a LOT from all of you who comment... and we love you for it!

Now, let me explain how we DO get "paid:"

This is how I see it.  We, the SB authors, get paid by all of you readers!  You continue to come back to SB and read our posts.  You continue to comment and share your own experiences, wisdom, resources, hopes, fears, etc.  Basically, we all share our lives with one another here at SB.  THAT is how we get paid!

To think that SB is just shy of its first birthday and we have accomplished sooooo much is all thanks to you, the faithful readers of SB.  Sometimes you e-mail us with questions or ideas and we do our best to answer your questions and utilize your ideas to "reach out and touch" as many milspouses as possible.  Often times we get our post ideas from what you all write in the comments.  This blog, the radio show, the chat room, SBLive, etc. would not exist without you!

So the idea that we don't get paid is really mute.  We DO get paid in our own ways from this experience.  I have to say, this is one of THE BEST things to happen in my life. 

Thanks for making SB such a success!!!

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