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Last night, we rolled our our new chat room alongside of one of the most fun and funny radio shows we've hosted yet. First, thanks to everyone who joined us in the chat room. The chat room was hot, we couldn't even keep up with it while we were on-air because it was so busy. If you missed the live show, listen to the archive.

Remember that I said we would have a special, mystery guest phone in from backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards? Well, he did, and it was none other than Johnny Royal from the band, Only the Young. Who, you might ask? And what in the world is Johnny Royal doing on SpouseBUZZ Radio? Well, there is a reason.   

Johnny is a military brat. Almost everyone in his family is serving or has served. In fact, Johnny's uncle is deployed to Iraq right now. Johnny describes himself as the black sheep of the family for being the one who didn't join the military, but I think there are more ways to serve than donning a uniform, as Johnny has illustrated through his genuine support of the military community, of which he is a product. It was Johnny who put me in touch with Drowning Pool, which led to another one of our popular radio shows.

A constant theme here at SpouseBUZZ is to showcase people and businesses which are military friendly, and we're going to do that again right now. Johnny is a member of the fresh, new band Only the Young. They are currently working on putting out some more singles and I can't wait because Only the Young has a very unique sound. Johnny's band became an instant hit in the chat room last night, and I'm sure you'll see why after you listen to their new single.

No doubt we'll be working with Johnny in other capacities in the future, but for now, tell all your friends about Only the Young, add them to your myspace friends, download their songs and stay tuned, we haven't heard the last of Only the Young.

I want to thank Johnny for a truly fabulous hour. He was incredibly gracious to spend so much time with us. He answered a ton of questions, even airforcewife's "how is Perez Hilton in real life" question. Johnny took questions from the hosts and from the chat room. For the answer to airforcewife's question, and to find out what it was really like behind the scenes at the MTV Video Music awards, listen to the show. Very entertaining stuff....

Update: From the looks of it, Johnny was smart to hang out with us for a while. Sounds like things went from bad to worse last night at the Video Music Awards.

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