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The soldier who blogs at Shield of Achilles just watched his unit deploy.  He wrote a post called The Hardest Part About Leaving for War...

If you have family, you know what's the hardest part about deploying? It's the very last few hours of the last day. You can't relax because you have so many last minute things to do, and are constantly looking at the clock because you are worried about being late. And looking at the clock is a continuous reminder about how little time you have left. I only have 5 hours left with my family, four hours left, three hours left, etc... What should I tell them? What should I do? How can I make these last moments count?

We don't often get the servicemember's point of view here at SpouseBUZZ, so I wanted to link to this post.  We all know how hard it is on us to see them go, but it's just as emotional and difficult for them to leave.  Take a moment to visit Shield of Achilles and thank him for writing about this from his point of view. 

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