Double the Fun


While my husband was deployed, I set out to do some yardwork one day. I grabbed the weed eater, which was fairly new, and a good one. When I turned the weed eater on, it made a dull buzzing sound, but one that I recognized. That sound told me the spool needed to be replaced. Easy fix, right?


I've replaced spools before. It doesn't take much brainpower. Anyone can do it. Well, most of the time, anyone can do it. This one wouldn't budge, I couldn't get the old one off to replace it with a new one. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Apparently, the weed eater had deployed alongside my husband.

When I have a plan for the day, I stick to that plan and nothing is going to derail my plan. That day was reserved for yardwork and yardwork was going to be completed come hell or high water. I had given it my best shot and couldn't get the old spool off. I wasn't about call a friend or a neighbor and have them "rescue" me. I saved those calls for more important items, like this. Yeah, I know when to cash in my chips.

So, instead I did what any practical woman would do. I went to Lowe's and bought a brand new weed eater. In no time I had that baby cranked up and working magnificently. Yard was pristine and my to-do list was done. I hung the newest weed eater up in the garage right next to the new weed eater.

Not long after my husband returned, he walked into the garage one day and paused to look at the two weed eaters.

Andi, why are there two weed eaters?

Well, I was doing yardwork one day and the old, new weed eater ran out of wire and I couldn't get the cap off. I had to get the yardwork done, so I went and bought a new one. They're not very expensive, you know.

I could see he was trying to figure out how I had rationalized this purchase, as small as it was. I knew he was thinking, "couldn't you have asked someone to help?" "Couldn't you have postponed the yardwork until someone had a chance to get the cap off?" "Did you give it a good enough try?" There were probably a million other options running through his head.

I gave him my best, I love you and I'm so glad you're home smile.

You know what? I missed you so much and I want to do everything together now that you're back. Look, this is great! We can do yardwork together. We can weed eat together. Won't that be fun? In fact, it'll be double the fun.

I hope you didn't buy an additional mop, broom and toilet scrubber too. 

Well, I did buy an additional remote control.

Needless to say, my quick thinking didn't help matters much. Only one weed eater has been used since that day, and my husband still doesn't know how to scrub a toilet. But if I get tired of watching hockey, well, let's just say that the other remote control comes in handy. Anyone need a weed eater?

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