If you haven't been invited to join our chat room, click here to find out how to receive an invitation.

We've had a few bugs to work out. First, let me remind you again that if you have requested your invitation and haven't received it, it's likely laying in your junk/bulk/spam folder. Please check there. Secondly, if you are having trouble logging back in after leaving the chat room, you must use the URL that was given to you in the email invitation, so be sure to bookmark that URL when you accept your invitation, it's the only way you can come in/out of the chat room.

Sorry for any inconveniences, but we want to make sure we don't have spammers intruding on the chat room, so we're running it by invitation only.

Chat room was very busy Sunday evening, and don't forget to join us tomorrow night when AWTM and Guard Wife will host a show on reintegration. Don't miss that.   

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