Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Some of you in the chat room and via email have been asking for SpouseBUZZ flyers to distribute to your FRGs, ACS offices, etc.. Well, ask and ye shall receive. I should have the flyers up for you to download later today, or early tomorrow. You can then email the flyers, post them on your virtual FRG boards copy, print and distribute at your military installation. Military.com designed some super-nice, glossy 1/3 pagers too, so if you prefer those, we can have them sent to your military installation, just let us know and we'll provide them.

We appreciate you spreading the word about SpouseBUZZ. We're always thrilled when we find we've been listed as a spouse resource on websites or in post/base resource packets, and we have YOU to thank for that. Word of mouth is our best form of advertisement and we want to say thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word about SpouseBUZZ. We are truly humbled by your commitment to what we do here, and by your contributions to the discussion in our comment section. We have learned -- and continue to learn -- so much from you.   

I also want to mention that there is no SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party tonight. Remember that we said we would schedule two of them this month just to test the waters. We held one last Sunday, and the next one is scheduled for next Sunday, the 23rd. I have to say though, if the next one is as successful as the first one, we'll definitely be doing these each week, complete with a mystery guest, just like we had last week. The new chat room was on fire last week, what a party that was! Plus, everyone enjoyed our special mystery guest. Thursdays will deal with serious topics, and Sundays are all about fun. If you missed Thursday's show on reintegration hosted by AWTM and Guard Wife, click here to listen. It was very interesting.

So, no radio show this evening, but if you want to meet in the chat room tonight at 9:00, we can still do that.

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