Are you calling me a liar?


We had been waiting for a paycheck from Uncle Sam.

A large travel expense paycheck.

Let me remind you, we are in the suburbs.  We are a National Guard Family.  We are in a suburbs.  There might be 3 other NG families in town. 

This has led to all sorts of interesting conversations last  week! 

Well my oldest had to start kindergarten this year.  And he is a special child, so we opted for a private school.  A school that is actually sponsored by our church. 

Here is where it gets funny. 

School started a few weeks ago.

School also costs $.

This check was supposed to be here 3 weeks ago. 


I went and spoke with the lady that keeps books for the school, and told her "hey, we have your money, it is just not here yet."  The first couple of times I had that conversation with her, I think she believed me.  The third time I had the conversation with her.  Yea, I am pretty sure she thought I was playing her, lost my money gambling, or I was nuts.  I tried to explain to her that the Army was late paying us.  I got the look again.   The look on her face said..."The Army CANNOT BE LATE, NO WAY!"

In typical "army pay fashion", the check came last Friday AFTER SCHOOL, better late than never. 

I t was nice paying the tuition in full, FINALLY. 

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