A lot of Negative Talk about Military Marriages


You see it in the news, you see it on military/military spouse type forums.  Military marriages are doomed, military marriage sucks, marry a military man and you will be divorced sooner rather than later.

I generally try to avoid these type of discussions.  They do not represent my personal situation nor the majority of what I have seen in other military marriages.

This is not say that military marriage (and marriage in general) is easy.  It is not.  This is also not to say that I haven't had my fair share of relationship ups and downs or that I have not seen issues in other couples. I have.

But, I think that there are more of us out there that are happy in our relationships and military marriages than get noticed.  I think that there are more of us out there who are surviving the military lifestyle and the affects that it can have on marriage and family.  Maybe not always surviving it with ease, but surviving.  I also think that there are many of us out there that are doing more than surviving in our military marriages, we are thriving.

Am I totally off base?  Am I in a military marriage bubble?  Am I blind?  Do I just want to see the glass as half full? 

All of these are possible I suppose, but tend to think that as with other news, the negative news and/or stories get the most publicity and are talked about more often than the positive.

Maybe those of us that have had and are having positive experiences should speak up more often.

Don't get me wrong, marriage, especially military marriage, is never easy and we are asked to endure and overcome a great deal.  We all have ups and downs in our relationships and life is not always a vase full of beautiful roses.  But on the flip side, I am very happy in my military marriage.  With many things that I continue to read elsewhere, I am sometimes left to think that I am sitting alone on this side of the tracks.

What do you think?  How to you see this topic from your particular vantage point?

You can find many more military marriage discussions in our achieves.  Many of the authors have shared great and very personal stories.  Be sure to check them out.

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