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Tonight we had a truly amazing interview on SpouseBUZZ Radio with GWoT thriller author Brad Thor.  Brad's most recent book, The First Commandment, was just released; and we had a great discussion about the current state of the GWoT, the problems facing our warfighters, and why when he travels he has to leave two hours earlier than necessary to get to the airport (hint: it has to do with showing his appreciation to our servicemembers). 

We also discovered that Brad Thor and I have something very much in common, which led to a very funny exchange about the words and names we choose to describe people, places and things in our lives. 

Brad is well known for his support of the military, and several times he very eloquently thanked, not just the servicemembers, but also military families for our role in supporting our loved ones and keeping them focused and able to carry out their mission.  So eloquently, in fact, that I very nearly choked up too much to end the show properly!  It's very rare that I'm at a loss for words, so you won't want to miss this historic event!

If you missed the show the first time around, you can catch the archived version at SpouseBUZZ Radio.

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