Liar, Liar. Pants on Fire.


My DH is in the National Guard, and has been at an extended school. 

DH arrived home Thursday night. 


DH has let me sleep in, has encouraged naps.  (I must look a bit tired).  I am feeling more refreshed, and less scattered. 

We have been sitting in the backyard for the last couple of evenings, (after the temperature drops to a mere 100 degrees) letting the children run through the sprinkler and watching them play in the kiddie pool.   It has been glorious, and I am reminded that most military wives, do not take these small moments for granted.   We really do cherish  them.   I am thankful to have an adult to chat and drink iced tea with while watching our children.  And we can talk, between the playful giggles, and theaccusatory wails of who splashed who first.

My friend is home. 

Ahhhh...we are normal.

Well, we are normal for a moment. 

You see my children who are currently 3 and 5, think Daddy is only home for a"visit".  Despite my best efforts to explain otherwise.  But frankly, I do not blame them.  We are currently in a limbo situation.  It does appear that most of the state will be mobilizing, however DH was moved to a different position, while he was away at school.  The bonus part is, DH did send a letter, requesting another deployment with this unit.(which is part of the reason, I married this man) I guess we will wait and see. 

But for now, I cannot give my children a definitive answer, which I am guessing is pretty commonplace during war-time. 

It does look like DH could be here for a while.  However, I am almost afraid to promise anything at this point.  I guess I will stick to my current reply of "Daddy isn't here visiting, he will be here for a while."

I am wondering how our mil-spouse readers handle this very delicate situation....

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