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I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I still wanted to point this out.  Andi did a great job of summing up Episode 10 of Army Wives, but I thought maybe all of us viewers could benefit from seeing this episode through the eyes of a spouse who's lived it.  Heidi wrote a post on her own blog about her thoughts on this episode:

I did not know if I would like the show. I do not consider myself an Army Wife or even an Army Widow but just me . . . actually I don't know what I consider myself. I do know that my 6+ years of living the Army way of life were some of the best years of my life [...]

So tonight I wanted to cry(happy) when Claudia Joy mentioned her wife (Hannah) was coming to town for a Rose Garden Memorial dedication. It was 'me' being introduced into the story line. As her story developed I could not help to think about my situation and the circumstances of Sean's death.

Click here to read the rest of Heidi's thoughts and to see this episode through her eyes.

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