This is for Drowning Pool


airforcewife and I had the pleasure of talking with Drowning Pool's lead singer, Ryan McCombs recently. If you didn't hear the interview (Ryan makes his appearance about 20 minutes in so you can fast-forward), you might not know the extent of Drowning Pool's support for our troops and their families. Ryan passionately defended our troops. He praised them -- and us -- over and over again.   

Drowning Pool played in Baghdad on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. They are currently working on scheduling another USO tour and they hope to get to both Afghanistan and Iraq this time. These tours provide a brief respite for our troops who are living and working under very dificult circumstances. And speaking of tours, Drowning Pool is on tour right now. I am very lucky in that they will soon be playing at a venue near where I live. My husband and I are going to the concert and will have the opportunity to meet the band. I've already purchased some goodies for the band to thank them for their support of our troops, and I'd like to give you the chance to thank them as well. Leave a message of thanks in the comment section or email your message to me, and I'll cut and paste it into a card that I will present to the band. It's a rare opportunity to be able thank celebrities for what they do for our spouses, and I want to make the most of it.

As you know, we do not get into politics or advocate for or against the war here at SpouseBUZZ, we exist simply to support all military spouses. Having said that, Drowning Pool is currently involved in a campaign titled, This is For the Soldiers. It's designed to raise awareness for the mental health needs of our troops, and advocate for passage of the Lane Evans bill. You can do your research and decide whether or not you support this bill. If you do, you can sign the petition.

When airforcewife and I thanked Ryan, his humble response was, "no, thank you," or "it's the least we can do" or "it's an honor." Let's show Drowning Pool how much we appreciate their support.

My husband thinks good rock n' roll is Boston and REO. He's a bit behind the times, but I've given him a Drowning Pool CD and a homework assignment - listen and learn to appreciate good music... 

Drowning Pool rocks (pun intended).

This is for Drowning Pool...

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