SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party, Anyone?


Okay, let me throw an idea out there to see if you're interested.

What do you think about having a SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party for the season finale of Army Wives? I was thinking that we could host a special edition of SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio that would air just after the final show (August 26). However, it would be late - 11:00 EDT. But, my guess is that we'll all be wound up after the episode. I've been told by a source that the finale is going to "shock" all of us. We could do an hour of talk and have you call in to talk about the show and offer your thoughts.

I don't want to do this if you aren't interested in participating because it's a big chore to get the show scheduled and on-air, but if we have strong interest from you and you PROMISE to participate in the radio program or the SpouseBUZZ Yahoo IM chat room during the show, we'll go for it. I think it would be fun.

Anyone interested?

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