And Now, I Have Reached My Breaking Point


The U.S. Army has played some pretty nasty tricks on me before, but this time...this time, they've gone too far.

I have a weakness, it's called chips and salsa. And not just any old chips and not just any old salsa. Nosirree, only Tostitos Hint Of Lime chips and D.L. Jardine's Campfire Roasted Salsa will do. Yummy...

Before this PCS move, each week I picked up my Campfire Roasted Salsa from my local Safeway grocery store. Life was good. No problem.

Moved, and couldn't find a Safeway. That's not a problem, except that none of the local grocery stores carry Jardine's Salsa. Now, that's a problem.

My addiction is such that I had no qualms about ordering on-line, shipping charges be damned. Problem solved? Nope. While I enjoy a variety of Jardine's salsas, nothing compares to the Campfire Roasted brand. Try finding it on the website. It's not there. What, by George, is going on?

Withdrawals are taking hold and I must warn you, if I don't have Jardine's Campfire Roasted Salsa soon, I cannot be held responsible for anything I write here at SpouseBUZZ.

My girlfriend recently PCS'd to Korea. Was she worried about the 14-hour flight with two rambunctious kids? Was she worried about how long it would take for the automobile to arrive in Korea? Was she worried about the children making new friends and learning a new culture? Was she worried about all that furniture that will not fit in her new space? No, she wasn't. She was worried that when she got to the commissary in Korea they would not stock Kashi Go-Lean cereal. I laughed, and told her I would ship some to her if that was the case.

Well, Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho, jokes on me. She's got her Kashi and here I sit without my Jardines. Damn PCS move.

How.Could.The.Army.Do.This.To.Me? They have crossed the line this time. I'm telling you - heads will roll....

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