Seems like only yesterday ...


.... that the boss and I were on the move -- and this unlike the other 20 or so PCS' we've had, seemed to be different on many levels.

To be a bit more specific, it wasn't the moving, it was the Moving-In that generates a question. Why is it that the folks who won the base housing privatization contract for our installation, think that WE are a pain in THEIR butts?  Didn't they ask to take over and be in charge?  I mean, seriously, didn't they probably low-ball another contractor so that they would win, and be able to service, those in the Service.  No?

So why is it that they're annoyed when on our move-in inspection, I start the dishwasher simply to see that it works?  (it does, but I swear there's a UH-1 landing in my kitchen); and when I turn on the shower in the bathtub and water spews everywhere, they get pissed over the fact that "the walls are now all wet."  Duh ... didn't THEY do a walk through inspection before the last folks left and we moved in?   Were they hoping  that I'd first discover their poor maintenance skills AFTER my wife signed the move-in papers and turned over her BAH allotment to their sweaty little hands?  Then bill us for damages???

Privatization of housing ... yep, I understand the "why's and wherefore's" but it seems at times, that the contractor is privately wishing, that if they piss-off enough of us, so that we take our money and move off base, thereby reducing the occupancy rate to allow them to bring in non-military folks from the community to live in now-vacant base housing (yes they can), which further erodes anyone's desire to be on base (yes it will), which further impacts our spouses  while they work, to a degree that would have the BRAC Commission looking at the lack of productivity and thinking about closing the installation ... *poof* BRAC'd base means the housing privatization contractor now has the lock on the housing area to lease to whomever he wishes without the oversight of the QAE ... TaaaDaaa ... they're in the catbird seat and legally "own" the housing on the installation.  (how'd you like THAT for a sentence, eh?)

Fortunately, Mrs Toad, aka The Boss has a stay-at-home husband with a Craftsman tool chest full of wonderfully provocative (in a manly way) tools aching to be used ... uuuh uuuh uuuhhhhhh (to quote Tim, the Toolman, Taylor). We keep the things fixed like we always have and we do as much of the maintenance that we can.

Many of you will encounter housing privatization soon, if not already.  Remember, it's a CONTRACT ...and although I haven't contacted the unofficial SB legal advisor (ahem ...Guard Wife) I believe that means that both of you get to expect the other party to live up to their end of the bargain.  Before you or your MilSpouse sign the finance allotment form, walk around the house and turn on everything to make sure it works.  Find out who you call at 2AM when the washing machine drain upchucks after cleaning the kids clothes that were formerly covered in same, said upchuck.  When they whip out the pretty little business card with the numbers ... open up your cell phone and call it right then and there.  See who answers and what they say.  Time to respond?  Category of emergency?  Just how bad does it have to be before someone comes out to fix it?

And ... know the contractors chain of command ... everybody works for somebody.  Have the numbers to call stuck to the fridge.  At the top of the list, should be the Garrison Commander's Action Line number.  Ring it.  Be concise.  Be articulate.  Relate your problems and the people you've tried to speak to for resolution.

Housing Privatization.  It's here to stay -- each of us has to figure a way to make it work for us.  Rots of Ruck!... Over & Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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