What is Your Primary Source for Emotional Support?


I just read this article about how milspouses depend on their FRGs for support. We've discussed FRGs at length here at SpouseBUZZ. I think it's pretty clear that all FRGs are different. Some are highly effective, some are disorganized and not particularly helpful.

The article made me think about our differences, and how each of us seek emotional support. No matter which category their FRG falls into, the majority of milspouses I've talked to do not consider their FRG their primary source of emotional support. Almost everyone I've discussed FRGs with agree that the FRG is, or should be, the primary source for timely, official information, but it's not necessarily the place they turn to for emotional support, although I should note that some of the friendships that they have created have come from meeting other spouses within the FRG. Instead, I've found that these spouses turn to friends, neighbors, family, church communities, faith, on-line communities, etc. for emotional strength. Not a scientific poll, but that's the feedback that I tend to get. 

So, I'm curious. I realize that many of us rely on a combination of sources, but If you had to pick only one, what would you say is your PRIMARY source for emotional support? 

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