In One of Those Patented "airforcewife" Moments...


I just had the most wonderful chat and interview on SpouseBuzz Radio with Shannon, an Air Force spouse who made the transition from 6 years of active duty and 6 years in the reserves to full time Air Force wife and Mom.  Shannon had some amazing advice and wonderful thoughts to share.

However, in a patented "airforcewife moment", I attracted technical glitches of the extreme sort.  The show started late because I had trouble with the controls, then at the beginning you will hear the voice of my handsome and brilliant husband trying to explain to me exactly WHAT I'm doing wrong.  He was right, of course (he usually is). 

If there is someway to embarrass yourself, I will find it.   

However, aside from the late start, difficulties starting the show, and the helicopter that made a cameo appearance near the end (and as military spouses, we should probably be used to such sorts of interruptions, right?  It makes everything seem like "home" to me anyway), I can't urge you enough to tune in and listen to Shannon's words of wisdom.  With her perspectives from active duty and her absolute empathy with other spouses, there were many eye opening moments.

Also, she was very understanding of the airforcewife attack gremlins.  And that, my dears, is PRICELESS.

Shannon's show is archived at SpouseBuzz Radio.  You won't regret listening.

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