How much involvement is too much?


We've all heard our mom's tell us that just because one aspirin was good, two or three won't necessarily be better.  But what about our involvement as spouses, some involvement is good and expected, but can we be involved too much?  Especially in what could liberally be called, the affairs of state?  As evidenced here at SpouseBUZZ, there are innumerable examples and instances of the power of independent thought being followed by group action.  Some call that democracy at its best.

Okay -- back to the question. Is there ever, and what would be the mile marker to identify where we as spouses shouldn't tread when it comes to the operations of a military organization?  (Deep breath here.)

What if you heard that changes were coming to your local military medical treatment facility (MTF) that could directly impact you and your children's previous "norm" on expected care?

How many of you just had your knees jerk up and hit you in the chin?  C'mon, you can admit it to the old Toad-ster. 

Let's take this one step deeper.  Up to this point, your MTF had a separate pediatric section that was used solely for the care of dependent children.  But due to manpower shortages brought on by all of the now-common issues (deployments, shortage of doc's and medical tech's...), the decision was made to separate Active Duty Care away from a newly established "super clinic" which combines Family Practice and Pediatrics.  (read, Active Duty on one side, all others on the other side w/ lots of people/small area)

With the consolidation the medical care for the active duty member is now approaching its all-time best, in quality, timeliness, treatment and readiness.  But to accomplish the safe consolidation of family practice/ped's, there is a move afoot to reduce the number of "non-appointment children" in the MTF.  I.e, too many kids in too small an area, that are neither sick nor being entertained -- just kids being kids.  In other words, there's a proposed policy being circulated that at its essence says, Let's keep well kids away and keep them from being under-foot; if the kids don't have an appointment, could you please not bring them.

The uproar is huge.  And the spouses (via the established Spouse Club networks) are pinging the organizational commanders with frenzied and numerous "reasons" why the move is a detriment to them (not to the kids, but to them, the spouses). So frequent and harsh are the criticisms, that there is a possibility that all of the MTF consolidations might be reversed.  And as such, we'll return to longer wait times for all to get appointments, fewer health care providers spending too short a time w/ patients to keep the flow moving, but, at least there'll be a separate pediatric clinic w/ walls and doors.  However ...

... our active duty spouses will have a precipitous drop-off in their newly achieved readiness and care.

What do you think?  Have we spouses, by using the essence of democracy (independent thought/group action) by possibly bringing about a reversal of what could be clearly marked as being a military decision based upon military necessity, crossed the line?  If so, where was the mile marker that we missed?  What say you?  Is there a way to limit the children, and sustain better care?  Should we be able to bring all of our kids with us to our OB/GYN/Prostate check-ups? 

Let the beatings begin!  O&O, MaintenaneToadOne

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