Greetings and Welcome and Thank you!


To the Frequent and Faithful Folks (F3) who've been along on the SpouseBUZZ ride since the inception - I've missed you.  Greetings!

To those of you I haven't had the opportunity to talk with, here's looking forward to a great relationship.  Welcome!

And to those who've dropped a couple of emails my way asking if I'd discovered that the world truly is flat and had fallen off -- for giving a hoot about an old Toad, Thank you!

Since being away for a wee bit, it "feels" like I'm almost starting over, versus simply starting anew.  Please indulge me for a moment as I reenergize what we're about and some thoughts about what this wonderful assortment of SpouseBUZZ authors means to me and what they bring to you.  Each of these ladies has been blessed with a brilliant mind and a keen, unbelievable insight which they bring to bear on what they believe is of exceptional importance.

Us.  That's right, the military spouse.  Military service ties us together: Female, Male or Toad.  And the authors write about what they see, hear, do, feel, think, enjoy, hurt over, cry about, laugh uproariously at, ... and you may have noticed too, the little thought-threads that give you a peek under the tent flaps of their souls.  It's a view into what is happening in the quiet corners of their minds. 

Here's what I'd like for you to keep in mind as you accompany us on our continuing journey.  We, the SpouseBUZZ authors and you our readers/correspondents, understand that our commentaries can be all over the map and may tend to be 'here and now' focused.  The SB way isn't to be focused on a theme, nor Service, nor grade & rank, nor anything else in particular.  Yes, we DO understand your frustrations, your fears and your trepidations and the need to keep going when your get up and go has got up and went.  Know that if we haven't dealt with your topic of interest yet, then it's surely just around the corner.  If what you seek isn't at the top of the blog for now, then make use of the SB sidebar buttons -- they can help you with our archives.  What some of you may think is rambling (like this posting, eh?), we see as being another opportunity to tell a story.  And at the end of the day, at the end of the TDY/TAD, at the end of the deployment, we want the same thing ... to have our loved ones home, safe and in our arms -- no questions, no comments, no sounds -- just their touch. 

So, if you want lively discourse on the Military Spouse topic de jour, we're your Blog.  Discounting yours truly, SpouseBUZZ has it all, good looks and great talent generating lively discussions. (... and did I mention humility?)  Some hard to swallow topics have been addressed and will continue to be addressed by some of the best writers around -- listen to their voices.  Stay with us, keep your eyes up and on the horizon, and let's rumble on into the night as you've found THE place for Military Spouses.  We're all Mil Spouses, and you're why we're here.  My two cents; glad to be back; missed you all; now, show Toad One, Code One/FMC. Over & Out, Maintenance Toad One

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