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At Military Crop Talk , we are sharing ideas on keeping memories of our military life.  Sometimes, we capture those moment on film.  Oftentimes, it's quite by accident that we are able to record a poignant moment that you are certain your family will never forget.

Daddy_and_m2_edit_3 Once that photo is developed, if you are your family's memory keeper, you're left to determine what to do with that once-in-a-lifetime moment.  What do you do, however, if that captured moment doesn't easily lend itself to the type of album pages you are used to creating?

Is there the "perfect" way to detail this moment?

I'm interested in hearing your ideas as the above photo has been in my "to scrap" pile for over three years now.  I took this photo in a hot parking lot in June moments before my husband boarded a bus to take him to train-up for a month and then deployment for many months.  The sun was so bright that I could not make out on my digital camera's LCD screen much more than that I had centered him and M2 in the photo.  Not until I had time to upload the photos did I realize what I had captured...I swear, my accidental photos are always the best and I'm considering taking photos with my eyes closed.

I have not been able to find a way to put this photo in our albums.  My girls each have one and our family has one and this photo belongs in all three...but how?

Any ideas?

Put them in comments here or, better yet, pop over to Military Crop Talk so our readers can see what you think when they drop by.

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