Christmas in July, PCS-Style


As most of you know, my husband and I have just completed a PCS move. You can expect more on that later, I have material to last for days....

Before the packers came, I went through all of the rooms and picked out the items that I wanted to hand-carry with us. 

When I opened the drawer in the bedside table on my husband's side, I found myself staring at some interesting items. No, not that kind of interesting...

As soon as I opened the drawer, looking me straight in the face was a small, sweet book from a husband to a wife. I smiled, but didn't open the book, just rifled through the drawer to be sure that nothing of value was there that we wouldn't want the packers to handle, which took all of ten seconds as there were a total of five items in his drawer. My drawer, on the other hand...

I took the book out of the drawer and when my husband came home, I said to him, "look what I found, how sweet."

He recognized it immediately. He had purchased it a while back and forgot that he had put it away.

I handed the book to him and told him that I hadn't opened it.

I thought the book was sweet, even though you didn't leave it under my pillow or give it to me on your terms.

That's me, he said, chuckling. Sweet.

Well...I was confused about one thing.

What's that?

Under the book were two cards from a husband to a wife. Cards which had not been filled out.


The two cards were identical. Do you just double-love me or do you have two wives?


Um, believe me, one is definitely all I can handle.


So, after the PCS move, when inevitably nerves are raw and tempers have flared a bit more than usual, guess what showed up on my desk at the new house? Yep, the book.

Christmas in July....

No word yet on what the other wife received.

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