Army Wives: Season Finale Discussion Thread


Hummm, where to start? Let's make it simple this week. I didn't particularly like the season finale because I thought the ending was weak. After twelve weeks of pretty solid entertainment, they lost me at the end. While the deployment storyline was, I thought, very well done, the ending scene was just, well....not very fulfilling.

Although the chatter was that we would be "shocked" at the end, the only thing that shocked me was that Joan is pregnant. Didn't see that coming. Weak ending or not, I'll be right in front of my television next summer when season two begins. What to do with my Sunday evenings now?

Not sure what else to say about the finale, so I'll just let you say it. In the words of Pamela, "have at it."

Thanks to all of you who joined us in the Yahoo chat, and thanks to Crystal, Noel, Monda and Penelope for sharing your thoughts on-air with me, Sarah, Rachelle and Melinda last night. Lively chat, ladies.... Note: Use the green "play" button to listen to last night's show. For some reason, if you use any other download method, the show cuts out about 26 minutes in and repeats itself, but if you use the Windows Media Player (green arrow) button, you can hear the full show, completely uninterrupted.

Don't forget that on September 6, we'll be interviewing Tanya Biank, the author of the book which inspired Army Wives, the television series. We're currently featuring Tanya's book in our SpouseBUZZ Book Club, so buy a copy, read it and then join us for our discussion with Tanya.

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