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Yeah, I'm late with this. So late, that in a matter of hours, I'll be drafting the discussion thread for episode eleven. Better late than never, I suppose, so here goes:

Last week, shades of the Pat Tillman case were woven throughout the episode. Claudia Joy's friend Hannah comes to town after recently finding out that the Army had lied about the circumstances surrounding her husband's death. We really have no idea how we would react in this circumstance, but I'm conflicted between two views.

Roland tells Joan that "most families can deal with the fog of war if they know the truth." I believe that is true. Things happen and mistakes are made, sometimes with fatal consequences, especially in combat. We expect the military to level with us, it's the least we are owed, right? But then again, I can also envision scenarios where National Security could be compromised if the entire truth were known.

I think that the divisions between Roxy, Denise and Pamela on this subject show how different each of us really are.

Denise says that no matter what, the Army doesn't air its dirty laundry in public.

Pamela says some things are so important that you must take a stand.

Roxy doesn't really know what to make of the situation.

Nobody is right. Nobody is wrong. We all have our own opinions and would react differently if put in the same situation. Regardless, who can blame Hannah for seeking the truth if that's what she felt she needed to do? I think many wives would make their decision based on how they felt their husbands would want them to react. My guess is some would want their wives to seek the truth at all costs, and others would say, "As awful as it is, it's part of this life. Let it go."

The friendship between Claudia Joy and Hannah is tested when Claudia Joy, at Michael's urging, asks Hannah to leave her house because, basically, it wouldn't look good for the acting post Commander to be housing the widow who was about to take on the United States Army, a storyline that I found way too simplistic." In the end, will it be Claudia Joy and Michael's relationship that is tested even more than Claudia Joy and Hannah's relationship?

Poor Frank, he's watching his wife undergo a major transformation. Gone is the meek stay-at-home wife that Frank was used to. Now, he's adjusting to life with a woman who has regained some confidence in herself and is pursuing her goals. Oh yeah, she's also shed the cardigans for skinny jeans and is asserting control in the bedroom. We'll see how that works out. Maybe Frank will see an upside to his new Denise after all....

Roxy blew it - big-time - when she went to Trevor's Sergeant in front of the other soldiers, and tried to get a day off for him to go to the doctor. When Trevor said, "You humiliated me. you were so far out of line, like 100 different ways," he was right. We later learned why Roxy was prompted to do this - mostly because their once-active sex life had slowed down quite a bit. Roxy, I love ya girl, but welcome to the world of road marches, deployment training and being attached to a combat unit that needs to be deployable on a moment's notice. A hot bath and some sleep can do things for aching, blistered feet that just can't be accomplished by other means. Sad, but true.

Tonight should be intense - Joan finds out about the affair between Roland and the reporter. Lenore Baker apparently "goes too far this time" and there is severe tension in the Holden household. Three episodes left, including tonight's episode. I've been told that the season finale is going to "shock" all of us. Great - we'll have to wait several months for season number two. What am I supposed to write about every Monday morning now?

By the way, no more complaints about non-reg uniforms. When we interviewed Wendy Davis (LTC Joan Burton) on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, she told us that one valuable piece of information she picked up from the blogs (probably from you guys) was that Joan's hair was not regulation. They had already wrapped up filming by then, but she assures us next season, it'll be to regulation. Let's hope they finally get that beret thing nailed down next season too....

I promise to get this week's thread up in a timely manner. I know our discussions are better just after we've watched the show. Want to discuss your thoughts on this episode or lay down your predictions for tonight's show? You know what to do...

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