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While I enjoyed last night's episode of Army Wives, I was expecting a bigger build-up to next week's season finale. That didn't happen, but there was still plenty going on.

It's official. General Baker is out. Michael Holden is in. The Holden children were warned to be on their best behavior. What did Amanda do with that warning? Filed it in the trash, apparently. Off she fled to Ft. Benning, without so much as a note, to see her beloved Jeremy. I've seen some of your comments on previous threads speculating that Amanda will end up pregnant. We shall see...

Claudia Joy and Lenore met at the hospital and Lenore insisted on dwelling in the hell that she created. "You won," she says to Claudia Joy, who reminds Lenore that she was never in competition with her. Ah, but wait, Lenore makes herself look even more foolish when she says, "An officer's wife is all about competition." What a crock. Claudia Joy is a Colonel's wife because her husband earned his rank, and Lenore is a General's wife because her husband earned his star. Most husbands would tell you they couldn't have made it without their spouses by their sides, and that may be true - I think I've heard those words uttered at almost every promotion ceremony I've attended, but Lenore speaks of both accomplishments and downfalls as if she were the primary player, not her husband.

Lenore is unstable, we're well aware of that, but she seemed more bizarre than usual last night. Two quotes in particular stood out. First, she tells Claudia Joy that she's "looking forward to whatever comes next," and later, she says, "surely you know there are no good-byes in the Army." She's right about the last statement, it seems like I'm always meeting up with old friends and familiar faces with each move, but Lenore's comments seemed more sinister than anything else. I get the feeling that we haven't seen the last of Lenore.

The snort-worthy quote of the day came when Lenore was lecturing Claudia Joy on how lonely it is at the top. Friends are a rare commodity, if you can even figure out who your friends are. She referred to Roxy, Roland, Pamela and Denise as Claudia Joy's "colorful little assortment of friends."  Pretty funny line, and typical Lenore-speak. Give me Roxy over Marilyn any day of the week....

Pamela's radio gig is a fun twist. I admit that I cringed when Chase complained to Pamela that he felt exposed when she delved into their "private" life on the air. Not because he was being unreasonable, but because I could see his point of view. Our poor husbands....

However, Chase had a change of heart after he discovered that his Delta pals listen to Pamela's show to find out what "their women" are thinking. Hummmm, sound familiar? Some soldiers read SpouseBUZZ for precisely the same reason.

Roland and Joan appear to have called it quits, although I have to wonder about that. I assume both characters will be back next season. Have to give it to Wendy Davis, who plays LTC Joan Burton. During our interview with her, she held her cards very close to the vest. Joan wasn't a very warm character in the beginning of the series, but she gradually began to grow on me. My heart ached for her when Roland told her he had rented an apartment, she knew it was over at that point.

Roxy realized that her Army life is just beginning, and it's not likely to be a stable one, either. Her dream is to buy and manage her own bar, but Trevor tells her, "We're never going to be anywhere long enough for you to settle down and open up a bar." I don't buy the premise that we have to put our dreams on hold because of our husband's career, we just have to be a bit more creative than our civilian counterparts. Roxy and Trevor, even when they have differences, always remain united. Last night was no exception.

Given the sad news that Roxy's boss has cancer, I see a storyline where she leaves the bar to Roxy when she dies. Roxy would never want to obtain the bar under those circumstances, but she will eventually own the bar and live her dream, if only temporarily. That's my prediction. Well, if the bar isn't blown to pieces, that is. Please tell me the season finale is not a suicide bomber blowing himself up inside The Hump Bar. I can't begin to fathom how that would play out. I've heard that the finale will leave us "shocked," and Sally Pressman is on record as saying,

"Army Wives" regular Sally Pressman warns the Aug. 19 season [date is wrong] finale of the Lifetime drama "is going to just tear people apart. It's just so emotional and so moving." Warned to not give out details, Pressman will only say, "there's this mystery and underlying tension introduced at the beginning of the episode, then something happens at the end ... one big cliffhanger that involves everybody, and it just takes your breath away, so get ready.

"Ready" is an understatement. Next week, join us on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio at 11:00 p.m. EDT for our SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party, a special edition of SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio devoted to hashing out the "cliffhanger" that will be the season finale of Army wives.

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