Army Wives: Episode Eleven Discussion Thread


We're getting close to the season finale, and things are getting interesting.

First of all, I loved seeing Barbara Eden make an appearance as Victoria Grayson. She still looks stunningly beautiful and she played the part of a spunky, intelligent, street-smart General's wife perfectly, unlike Lenore Baker, who is a royal pain in the arse and is more concerned with her husband pretending that he's ready to resume his duties than actually being ready to resume his duties.

Wasn't it nice of Lenore to call Marilyn to do her dirty work of spreading a vicious rumor about Claudia Joy? A lie that impacted the Holden children, which is about as low as it gets. Lenore, itching to remain on her throne, couldn't wait for the opportunity to dump on Claudia Joy when Victoria asks Lenore what she thinks about Claudia Joy. Lenore says that Claudia Joy is "a peach and I wouldn't believe a word about what's going on about her." When prompted, Lenore says "I shouldn't have said anything... Nothing's been substantiated... yet and I always believe that people should not be held accountable for what they do when they are young." Pretty transparent.

Contrast Lenore's behavior with Claudia Joy's behavior. Claudia Joy had the opportunity to tell the truth about Lenore when asked by Victoria, but instead she took the high road. I ask you, who would you rather have as your Commander's wife? Yeah, me too....

When Denise realized Frank was about to deploy, she told him that he needed to go see Jeremy. I understand the desire to "make things right" before a deployment. We all want tidy relationships and tidy affairs before deployment, but achieving either -- or both -- in a pre-deployment environment isn't always easy. Furthermore, some of us want to make memories, just in case, and others prefer to maintain a normal environment. We've discussed this before at SpouseBUZZ.

Franks goes to see Jeremy, and he wants answers. How did his son come to abuse his mother?

If I had been here, you never would have hit your mother.

I know that, sir.

Well that's it isn't it? I wasn't here.

I wasn't sure if their closing words meant that Frank had decided to reconcile with Jeremy or not. He says to Jeremy, "Stop calling me sir, I am your father." Denise seemed to think that things were starting to improve. She tells Claudia Joy that she thinks she's "getting her family back."   

I enjoyed the storyline that featured Pamela and Major Casey. These two have chemistry, and if Major Casey wanted someone to "spice up the airways," Pamela was the perfect choice. I couldn't help but think, "SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio" when Pamela was on air. 

The moment we've all been waiting for -- Lenore's downfall -- finally happened when Lenore peeked at a confidential file and thought she was helping her cause by "discreetly" mentioning a top-secret project to General Grayson. Not a good move, Lenore. The final scene with Lenore was perfect. An indignant Lenore Baker demands to know why she was humiliated and barks, "I'm the wife of General Theodore Baker." Sadly, that is, and always was, Lenore's identity - and her downfall. While I detested Lenore, you have to admit she provided entertainment, and it was nice to see that good guys don't always finish last.

Things were looking up for Roland and Joan until she finds out about his affair. While Joan still wants to work things out, Roland is not too sure. We'll see how this shakes out.

Two episodes left. We're close to the season finale, which promises to be a shocker. As for next week, the previews were a bit vague. Roland will apparently become involved in a brawl and Roxy and Trevor deal with some issues, but the scenes of some of the characters looking shocked and dismayed makes me wonder what's in store for us next week. We'll find out soon.

In hindsight, I should have combined the episode ten and eleven threads because I published episode ten's thread only hours before episode eleven aired. Sorry, guys.

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