Why do they even make those checklists?


My previous post was about waiting in limbo to see if we get to take leave or not.  Regular SpouseBUZZ commenter dizzylizzie reminds us all that it's never safe to plan anything in the military more than a month ahead.  She's right, but my husband's course ends tomorrow, and we still don't know if he's getting leave or not!  We may or may not be on a 17-hour car trip by the end of the week.  How I wish we had a month to plan.

Our family seems to have a history of waiting in limbo.  For our very first PCS, we didn't get orders until six days before he signed out of his unit.  And that was to Germany; it's not easy to arrange an OCONUS PCS in six days!  On our way to our current duty station, we cleared our previous housing, loaded the dog and suitcases in the car, and swung back by post to pick up my husband's orders.  Yep, he got his PCS orders on the way out of town.

This made me think about those PCS checklists you get: 12 weeks out, do X; 9 weeks out, do Y, 6 weeks out, do Z.  Has anyone really ever been able to follow that checklist?  Twelve weeks out seems like a dream to me; so far we've been lucky to have one week for everything!

Who created those checklists, and can I please have their Army lifestyle?

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