The other LIST

It seems as if every military spouse I know makes a list.  A list  of things she, or he would like to do before the deployed or absent spouse returns. 

Things like:

Paint the living roomLearn a foreign language

Lose 10 pounds

Exercise more

Read more

Finish a degree

Learn to knit

Clean out the garage

Organize closets

Pay of some debt

Sadly, very little of my "wish list" got done, as I had 2 small peoples in the house, and was nursing one of them. I never seemed to find the time to read more than baby care books. And I got very few projects done.  Even sleep was elusive. 

And then, there is The Other List.

This "other list" came up the other night on SpouseBuzz Radio, while I was chatting with Guard Wife. 

You know the one, the list of things you hope to accomplish about the week prior to homecoming.

ShaveCandlesMake a trip to Victorias SecretClean out the refridgeratorHair doneNails doneBuy spouse favorite grown up beveragesHave all of spouses favorite goodies in the house

My list included the following:

~Iron the duvet cover! 

For the love of Pete, of all things. 

Oh, and let me note, I had it on #4 of things to do.  I really thought it mattered that much.  Guard Wife about cracked up, and mentioned, ya know, if it was a good time, it would have ended up wrinkled anyway.  HA. 

And I promise DH did not notice I had spent 2 hours ironing the darn thing.  (And pillow cases).

A waste of my precious time, is all that was.  Why I thought the man would want ironed sheets, after sleeping in a film of sand for months is beyond me. 

So Guard Wife and I thought, it might be funny to ask...


"What was the silliest thing you had on your list?"

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