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I am not handy around the house. My Father was quite handy when I was growing up. And he made sure to teach me how to change a tire, and check oil in the car. Beyond that, I really never had much interest in "fixing things". I sort of regret that now. I can do basic things. I have been known to repair the garbage disposal on ocassion, I can hang curtain rods, and fix a leaky faucet.

However with DH's frequent absences in the past five years, I have learned a few tricks.

I know our very own Homefront Six, here at SpouseBuzz, is the John Freaking Wayne of mil-spousery, when it comes to projects. I have read about her repairing her car, and wash machine, etc. Simply amazing if you ask me.

I can replace a flapper on a toilet. This is not hard, but I had no idea how to do it until our flapper went bad. I called a plumber friend of mine, and he encouraged me to try it. I did, and it worked. It is easy, and something I think every person shoud know how to do. And if anyone ever has a toilet that won't stop running, i am always quick to make the comment, "have you checked your flapper?".

I can trim hedges with electric shrub trimmers while standing on a ladder. And leave sans injury.

I can unload 2 truck beds of sand with a wheel barrow and a shovel, and be pain free.

I can be in labor, go grocery shopping, make a pot of soup, make travel plans for my Mother-in Law, and drive myself to the hospital at 9 1/2 cm.

I can replace sink fixtures.

I can remove hideous wallpaper border, and paint a room with 2 children under 3.

All of these are sort of small feats, if you will. But the sense of accomplishment, is always great. And I am always very proud over the smallest VICTORY. Especially when it is out of my "realm of knowledge, or skill."

I am sure most of you have done something out of your typical scope of skill, and I would love to see a list of these wonderful talents we possess.

Because I know there are some incredible mil-spouses out there!

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