Shamefully Hanging My Head in the Corner


I know this is going to open me up to all sorts of finger shaking, tut-tutting, and Creative Memories CARE packages, but I have a confession to make.

Until this morning, I had not put a picture in a photo album since 2003.

Yes, I love keeping photo albums.  Yes, I have one for each year since I graduated high school.  Yes, we take hundreds of pictures to document our lives and the amazing things we get to do and see because we're a nomadic military family.

But in the last four years, time got away from me.  The last thing I put in an album was the pictures of my son's home-birth (we make sure they are safe for mixed company viewing, don't worry).

I meet very few military families who don't keep some sort of running scrapbook or photo album - kids or no kids.  There is so much going on  in our lives to document, so much to remember, so many awesome memories, and so much to show our families when we go  home on vacation that organized photo systems are nearly a requirement.

I really like visiting other people's houses and looking through their photo albums -- with permission, of course.  I don't sneak the un-offered albums into the bathroom for perusal if they aren't offered!  As the years have passed and I've gotten further and further behind in my off-line albums (I keep a lot of pictures up in shutterfly for family to view instantly), I've become really embarrassed when I'm around people who are much more diligent than I in recording memories and events.

"Oh, this is GREAT!  I love the stained glass effect you used here!"

"Wow, You DREW this yourself?  And shaded it with chalk?  That's amazing!"

Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "And I can't even get the stupid pictures on magnetic pages..."

And to add insult to injury, one of my very best friends - the one who has proven she would go to hell and back with me (and rather than bailing me out, would be sitting in the lock-up next to me) - is a Creative Memories consultant! 

I've been too utterly humiliated to tell her how far behind I am. 

Today, though I managed to journal my way through the rest of 2003.  That is; my husband's first deployment, our moving, daughter #3 starting kindergarten, the Halloween the kids were The Cat in the Hat, Thing One, and Thing Two, my son learning to crawl and attempting to walk (I refused to let him walk until Daddy came home - Daddy had missed enough milestones), a trip to Kings Canyon National Park, numerous forays to the California coast, Knotts Berry Farm, and my discovery of blogging on the internet. 

Big year.

Now I've only got three and a half  years to go...

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