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I am one of those wives that has had anxiety around reunion, and I have also had trouble with reintegration. 

I have also been lucky enough to note, (thanks to SpouseBuzz)I am not ALONE here. 

When some wives, are jumping up and down, teeth whitened, tanned,hair did and smiling, I have noted anxiety.  While my DH was away,slaying dragons, and fighting evil, and helping those in need.  I neverseemed to get to EVERYTHING on THE LIST.  Or,  that last few poundages lost, or the last of the dust bunnies removed.  I was very disappointed in myself.  And for some reason, I had created thismonster called perfectionism, that will never be achieved.  And the fact that I thought it was even possible, and then later knowing better created an interesting dichotomy.  I had created the monster, and then was beating myself up for not holding my end of the deal, I had made with "my crazy self". 

Heck, the last deployment, my DH had left a 22 month old, and apregnant wife, and returned home to find a tired wife, a 3 year old,and an 18 month old standing at the elevator staring at him.  Which hadto be almost twilight zone for DH.  I was worried about that as well.  A NEW family. 

There can be a lot of anxiety upon reuniting.   "Is the same manreturning?"  "Have our roles changed?"  "How long will it take thefamily to be functioning symbiotically again?" 

After going to a Life Guard Workshophere in Little Rock given by the VA.  I noted, that the returning menand women have anxieties as well.  The staff present at the Life Guardworkshop, gave useful, and important tips in communicating theseanxieties with one another. 

I hope this is a topic, you are ready to talk about, because it has tobe one of my favorite topics.  (Now that I no longer think I am insane)

I am pleased to announce Dr. Roca from the Little Rock Veterans Administration will be a special guest on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio this July 12th, 6pm EST.   

Please join us, by calling in  646.478.5665 LIVE,  or join us in the Yahoo chat room.  I hope to see you Thursday night!

UPDATE:  The show will ACTUALLY be 7pm EST.

I slotted the show for 6pm, thinking it would be at 5pm CST.  Imagine my surprise when I see the show scheduled for 6pm CST.  So Unfortunately, I lost DR. Roca....but he is a dear, and is willing to reschedule.  I will be sure and do this ASAP, and apologize for any inconvenience. 

Thanks to Guard Wife for Co Hosting, it was so nice to get to talk to you.


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