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Before I became SemperFi wife, I was an Air Force brat.  I have moved 19 times and lived in 5 foreign countries:  Canada, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Egypt.  Alas, I am only fluent in Canadian.I was born in Abilene, Texas and have no memory of the place.  We moved 5 weeks after I was born.  My first word was a profanity and I used it in an appropriate manner.  I am left handed and I have a Leap year birthday.  Next year, I will be 11!!  Yayyy!!!

I met my wonderful husband, Lancelot, at a toga party.......

He stood out from the crowd not because of his extremely short hair (AF brat, remember?) but because his extremely short toga.  My girlfriends had a bet on whether the man was even wearing underwear and I was sent to determine the winner.  Lancelot caught me just as I was to make the determination.Instead of being red faced, I spent the rest of the evening teasing him.  Apparently, I had found the recipe to winning the heart of my knight in shining armor.  We have been married almost 22 years.

Lancelot and I have three children.  Our oldest aka the Dark Prince is a Marine reservist Lance Corporal and a college student.  My daughters are twins and just 16 months younger than their brother.  The girls are total opposites in looks and personality   I consider the three of them to be my finest accomplishment.  They all went to college last Fall and empty nest became the reality I had feared for so long.  Well, until they came home for the Summer and I found out how well I had adjusted.

I love really bad sci fi, cooking, genealogy, history and of course, chocoloate.I hate goodbyes (who loves them?), the DMV, the smell of cardboard/the sound of ripping packing tape, spiders and lima beans.

So, I have been around the military most of my life.  This does not mean I have all the answers.I don't.  Our world as milspouses turns on a dime.  I am constantly learning new things and having to make adjustments because of what my husband does for a living.  I learn something new here every day.

I have lurked at Spousebuzz since it's inception.  I am very honored to join the great authors and the equally wonderful commenters here.  I look forward to getting to know all of you.Urrahh!!!

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