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Just thought I'd pass on that we Military Spouses might get some monumental recognition.  Can't help but wonder what the statue would look like?!?!?!  How would we look when memorialized?

.H. R. 3026 establishes a commemorative work to honor all those who have put theircountry first as military spouses 
Support the Military Spouses Memorial!!
Rep. Thelma Drake (VA) is sponsoring "The Military SpousesMemorial Act" H.R. 3026to authorize theMilitary Spouse Legacy Association, Inc., to establish a commemorative work onFederal land in Washington, DC to honor all those who have put their countryfirst as military spouses throughout our Nation's history. This bill gives America the opportunity to say thankyou to the millions of military spouses and widows, both male and female, pastand present for their unwavering support of their military loved one. Theselfless service of the military spouse from 1776 forward has made this group ofindividuals the unsung heroes in the defense of this great nation. This monumentwill be a permanent symbol of appreciation for their service.  I might even write in to support this legislation!?
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