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We've all heard the statement that homefront support for the troops is waining.  Many organizations that were gung ho to support the troops have had to close their doors due to lack of financial support.  However, I've personally felt the magnanimous nature of the American people in Sew Much Comfort.

So many others have as well.  We've all been touched in so many ways by the generosity of the everyday civilians who want to make a real impact.  Recently the NMFA Newsletter shared such a story.  I thought I'd share it with you!  As the 4th of July rolls around and the country gives thanks to the military - I'd like to thanks those thousands of civilians who support and love our troops as well!

Deployment ChroniclesBy Joy Young, NMFA Volunteer, Phoenix, AZNMFA July 2007 Newsletter

It was a typical hot and dry day in Phoenix. The high spirit andsupport evident during holidays were waning and people simply wanted tostay inside, free from the heat. To support military families, Iregularly coordinated care packages for those deployed. Some of therequests for packages came through friends and families, while otherrequests came through http://www.anysoldier.com/.

It was this particularly hot day that I received a request from anurse in the Navy. She was recently deployed in the Middle East andasked for a list of items to be shipped to her. My first thought was,"How am I going to get help when people are tired of volunteering timeand money?"

Still, I sent the request out, breathed a prayer, and hoped for thebest. I had six people respond which was more than I had hoped for. Allweekend and evening we gathered the items and I ended with four largeboxes. I quickly assembled my family and started packing and tapingshipping boxes. Shortly after, neighborhood families arrived to helpprepare everything to ship the next day. I also received offers fromtwo other individuals to pay for the shipping costs. After I finished,I looked around the room. There were boxes on the couch, chairs,recliner and table. I couldn't even see the floor. The next morning, Ileft the shipment for my mother to take to the Post Office and headedoff to work.

I walked up the stairs and sat down on my desk still feelingoverwhelmed by the generous response from the community. Colleaguesstarted coming to my cubicle. "Joy, I have friends or family in themilitary and I want to show them my support. What can I do?" "Can Ihelp on the next support project?" "I don't know anyone in themilitary, but I want to help."

At the end of the day, I left my office and walked to the car.People cared! I felt humbled for having thought so little of my fellowman. Patriotic fervor and holiday highs will pass. Political tides willebb and flow. But there will be people who will stand by your lovedones and their families, quietly, sincerely offering to give ofthemselves. You may never meet them. You may never see them. But theyare standing ready, nonetheless, and their lives are dedicated tosupporting you.

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